January Palmetto

January Palmetto 7x5 inches Gelli print and Sharpie ©2017 Lucinda Howe

January Palmetto
7×5 inches
Gelli print and Sharpie
©2017 Lucinda Howe

Happy New Year to you!  

I haven’t been making much “serious art” (whatever that means) during the holidays.  Too many distractions, you know?  I did spend a few hours in the studio playing with stencils and gelli plate printing.   This palmetto and the ones I posted the last two weeks were made by combining three hand-cut stencils in positive and negative shapes with Sharpie marker drawing.  I like how the pieces are different, but they  form a series.  

It was nice to have a fun project with low expectations and freedom to experiment. 

The materials are still laid out in the studio, and I believe it will be easy to get back in the groove in the studio this week.

How do you keep the creative energy simmering and ready to go during times of distraction?  Please add your comments in the section below.  Happy art making!

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