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How Can I Help You?

A while back I mentioned that I identify myself as a Renaissance Soul.  I’ve studied many (seemingly) unrelated things during my life, mainly because I love learning new things, but there are some common themes.  Most of my favorite subjects have physical manifestations…gardening, interior design, fashion, painting…and share common elements of color and design.

The best part is that I love these subjects so much that I get in “the flow”, a total engagement of my mind that stills the worried voices, and exercises the part of my brain that sees the “big picture” and connectedness between humans and the natural world.  The times in my life when I was distressed over a loss or worried about the future are the times that art meant the most to me.

I would love to help you learn more about this connection between art and mental well-being in my articles this year.  Use the comment section below to tell me what you’re struggling with so I can get started.

What areas would you like for me to explore?  Do you want articles or classes about the technical aspects of drawing and painting?  Do you want some resources for kick starting your creativity?   Do you want to know more about how to connect with other artists?  Let me know what art questions you’d like answered, and I’ll do some research and provide some answers!

If you would like to experience being in “the flow” in person, please join me for a class in acrylic painting techniques beginning February 15th.   Click here for more information about the class.

Once again, submit your question below.

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New Acrylic Painting Class for 2012

Purple Shadows, 14x11", Acrylic on gessoboard, by Lucinda Howe......black gesso drawing, transparent glazes, opaque texture

Are you ready to try some new painting techniques in 2012?

Would you like to know more about how to use fluid acrylic paints?

Do you want to wake up your color palette with bold, exciting color?

If so, please join me for a 6-week painting class on Wednesday evenings starting February 15, 2012.

We will be using Golden Fluid acrylic paints on canvasboard or gessoboard.  Subject matter will be landscapes and gardens in bold color.   Drawings will be provided so beginners can concentrate on learning the painting techniques, but artists with drawing experience are encouraged to bring and use your own reference materials.

Here are a few of the things that will be covered in the class:

  • How to use a Munsell color wheel  to develop a  dynamic color palette for a painting
  • The difference between heavy body and fluid acrylics and when to use each type.
  • How to avoid making “muddy” colors when mixing
  • What acrylics do better than watercolors
  • Why a red background is ideal for landscape painting

I’m excited to be offering this class at The Village Artists at the Village at Sandhill, Columbia, SC.   The classroom has easels and plenty of space, so we should have a wonderful time.

Click here to register.

I  look forward to seeing you in the class!

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