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Georgetown Boats

Georgetown Boats 8x6 inches Acrylic on panel ©2017 Lucinda Howe $95

Georgetown Boats
8×6 inches
Acrylic on panel
©2017 Lucinda Howe

Over the weekend, Barbara Yongue and I travelled to Georgetown, South Carolina to participate in a plein air event. Although I planned to paint my contest entry in another location, I started the morning with a quick drawing of boats on the river using a Sharpie on a gessoed board. I was inspired by how the white of the boat hulls and reflections glowed against dark industrial buildings in the background.  Later I applied a transparent warm red-orange glaze over the drawing. Today I finished the painting in the studio.  Barbara and I talked about whether to eliminate the buildings and invent a more traditional water and sky background, but I decided to just simplify the buildings and let the dark warm colors contrast with the light boats and sky.  Since Georgetown is known for its paper mill and steel mill, I felt that the industrial look reflected the feel of the location. 

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