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Vineyard Study

Vineyard Study 5x7" Oil on canvas paper ©2013 Lucinda Howe

Vineyard Study
Oil on canvas paper
©2013 Lucinda Howe

This small painting was inspired by a vineyard in Provence.  I made this small study to experiment with colors before starting a larger painting.  I used a light blue to push the mountains into the background and emphasized the contrast of the red earth with the green vines in the foreground.  Along with several other small paintings, this piece is available on Daily Paintworks.  Click here to buy now.

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Vineyard in Provence

Vineyard in Provence 16x20" Oil on canvas ©2013 Lucinda Howe

Vineyard in Provence
Oil on canvas
©2013 Lucinda Howe

This painting was inspired by a beautiful vineyard on the outskirts of Cabrières d’Avignon in the Provence region of France with the Luberon Mountains in the background.

Wishing you a very happy and colorful Thanksgiving!

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Souvenirs de Gordes


Souvenirs de Gordes

Souvenirs de Gordes
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
©2012 Lucinda Howe


Souvenirs de Gordes is a large studio piece based on a combination of exaggerated color and plein air work.  I use complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel) to create visual vibration among simplified shapes from the landscape.

To see an earlier post about the original inspiration for this piece, click here http://lucindahowe.com/2011/06/getting-acquainted-with-gordes/.

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Walk in Provence February 10-12

I would like to invite you to walk “In the Steps of Van Gogh” at the opening reception this Friday evening, February 10, 6-9 pm at my studio.

In a recent trip to the Provence area of southern France, a group of artists visited many of the locations where Van Gogh lived and worked.  Each town had unique architecture and character, and inspiration for painting was everywhere.  After returning home, six of us decided to create a group exhibit inspired by the trip.

I’m fascinated by the stories of how Van Gogh’s palette brightened as he encountered the Impressionists, modern pigments, and a warmer climate.  In creating pieces for this show, I wanted to observe how the experience of Provence would change my work.  I combined my on-location drawings, photos, and memories with texture mediums and some new techniques.  I found that my pieces have less intense colors than my usual palette, reflecting the patina of the historical architecture.

As we assemble the show, it’s fun to watch how the other artists have produced different interpretations of similar locations.  Come join us!

In the Steps of Van Gogh Invitation

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In the Steps of Van Gogh

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Save the Date: February 10-12, 2012

In the Steps of Van Gogh

Paintings by six artists inspired by the hill towns and vineyards of Provence.


Gordes, 11x14", Acrylic, by Lucinda Howe

Pam Bulak

Donna Gore

Lucinda Howe

Glenda Keyes

Roy Paschal

Barbara Yongue




Location:  Lucinda Howe Art Studio, Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC


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The Cicada Emerges

Painted Cicada

Cicada created with molding paste, crackle paste, and acrylic glazes, 5x5" by Lucinda Howe

Last week I showed how to create a stencil and to apply molding paste to make a raised image of a cicada, the good luck symbol of Provence.

Here are the steps to complete the process:

Add a purple glaze over the dry molding paste.

After the glaze dries, apply a generous layer of crackle medium with a palette knife.   Remove most of the paste over the main image with a damp cloth.

After the crackle paste dries, add more glazes of gold and brown to bring out the details.

Finish with a layer of matte medium to be sure the crackle paste doesn’t flake off and a final layer of acrylic varnish.

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How to Create Your Own Stencil

Last week we talked about incorporating stencils in your acrylic paintings.  To personalize your design, you can create your own stencil.

Cicada on Wall

The cicada is the symbol of Provence and often appears on walls and in fabrics

In this example, I am showing the steps to create a stencil of a cicada, the symbol of good luck in Provence, to use in my series of paintings inspired by my recent trip.

The first step is to start with a simple image of a terracotta cicada on the wall of a house.


Cicada in black and white

Cicada in black and white

To isolate the image, crop the photo and print it in black and white.

Trace the outline, being sure to completely enclose the shapes that will be cut away.






Cicada Stencil

Cutting cicada stencil with heat tool

Tape a piece of clear blank stencil plastic over the drawing onto a piece of glass.  Cut the stencil using a craft knife or a heat tool with a sharp point.  Pop out the cut-away shapes and clean up the edges if necessary.



Tape the stencil to your canvas or board and cover it with a layer of molding paste about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch thick.  Carefully lift the stencil and let the molding paste dry overnight.  Clean the stencil before the paste dries on it.



Cicadas drying

Molding paste ready for drying

Try varying the thickness of molding paste to see what works best with your stencil.






Next week…. Adding color over the stencil.

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Afternoon in Arles


Afternoon in Arles, 10x8", pastel, by Lucinda Howe

During my recent trip to Provence, we visited Arles and had lunch in the famous Place du Forum where Van Gogh painted Café Terrace at NightAfter lunch, I perched on a parking barricade near the entrance to a florist shop and started drawing the long view of the street.  As I was drawing the basic angles of the houses and curved street, the shop keeper was re-opening from the lunch break.  He brought pots of flowers out onto the sidewalk, and began to set up tables near and in front of me.  As I was just beginning to draw in the many doors and windows, he plopped several pots of tall bougainvillea plants down on the table in front of me.  So I quickly adjusted my plan  added the flowers in to the drawing, made notes about the story, and moved on.  Fortunately, I had a photograph of the street and was able to complete the architecture that attracted me after returning home.

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The Ochres of Roussillon


Natural ochre pigments from Roussillon, Provence, France

Roussillon was one of my favorite towns in Provence.  It is famous for its history of producing ochre pigments for arts and construction.  Today the industry has declined due to the introduction of synthetic pigments, but the natural pigments are available in small quantities in the shops in Roussillon.  The buildings in the town are a wide range of warm colors:  yellow, pink, salmon, red, and brown.  You can walk through the old ochre quarries where the yellow and red colors of the earth create a striking contrast with the green of the pine trees and the blue sky.

The color of the earth reminds me of the red soil of the North Carolina piedmont where I grew up, but the soil is sandier than the NC clay.  I suppose that is why we made bricks instead of mining pigment.  The colors also remind me of the adobe structures of the southwestern US, but the shapes are different.

I brought home a some of the beautiful natural pigments representing the colors of Roussillon.   I plan to mix them with some acrylic mediums and incorporate them into my artwork in the future.

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