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Upcoming Events, May 2011

Please join me for these upcoming events in May:

Trenholm Artists Guild

May 9, 2011   6:30 p.m.
At Forest Lake Park, 6820 Wedgefield Rd, Columbia, S.C.


“Don’t Be Confused By Reality” I will be giving a demo of painting outdoors on a red background using fluid acrylic paints.  When you paint en plein air, the amount of visual information can be overwhelming.  I will show some techniques for simplifying the composition and developing a dynamic color scheme.


Columbia Open Studios, May 21 & 22

Same Bridge, Different Day 24x12" Acrylic Lucinda Howe © 2011



Open Studios Preview Party


May 12, 7-9 p.m.
701 Center for Contemporary Art

Preview Party Information on Facebook

Open Studios Weekend

You’re invited to visit my studio during Columbia Open Studios, May 21-22, 2011.  I’ll be celebrating warm weather with paintings of bananas, cannas, elephant ears, and palm trees in bold, extravagant color.  Please come and bring your friends!

May 21, 10 am – 6 pm and May 22 Noon-6 pm

10203 Two Notch Road, Suite F
Columbia, SC
Across from Target

More information about Columbia Open Studios


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New Studio: Part 6… It’s a Sign!

The sign appeared last week while I was out of town.  Yay!  I’m across Two Notch Road from Target and Michael’s.

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New Studio: Part 5

Progress on the studio is still slow.  I’ve received approval from the fire marshall, opened a checking account, and acquired my business license.  In the midst of arranging furniture, hanging paintings, and completing business related tasks, I decided I had to create a sunny mural in the ugly restroom. Take a look at this video to see the progress.

[qt:/videos/TropicalRR.mov 320 240]

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New Studio: Part 4

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve finished painting the walls and trim, and moved most of my art supplies.  I have moved things around several times trying to decide how to arrange the workspace and leave room for displaying finished work.  Today the electrician came to fix the exit signs and install some track lights to enhance paintings on the side walls.  I’m still waiting for the sign guy.

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New Studio: Part 3

As I mentioned previously, everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much as I expected.  Last week I secured contents and liability insurance and had a security system installed.  This week I have had an inspection by the fire marshall, the next step in being able to apply for a Richland County business license.  To satisfy the fire marshall, I have purchased a fire extinguisher, and will have to have an electrician in to repair my battery back-up EXIT signs.  I’m also getting estimates on signs for the top of the building and the street.

Over the weekend, my husband helped me move some of my work tables and storage units.  I’m not finished painting the white trim but I wanted to take advantage of his muscle for moving while he was available.  Now I’m still painting trim and moving boxes as I have time.

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New Studio: Doing Jackson Pollock on the Studio Floor

The Bean-e-doo Mastic remover was a success!  It took the two-man crew most of a day, but the product softened the glue to the consistency of peanut butter.  They were able to scrape it off and mop up the residue.

Several people told me that I should sand or acid-etch the floor before applying paint or stain, but I didn’t want to do anything that required a respirator.  My creative decorating advisor, Cousin Pat, suggested throwing some leftover paint on the floor to disguise the inevitable future spills.  So we accumulated seven colors of old paint and had fun dripping, drizzling, and squirting.  Now we have a Jackson Pollock–style masterpiece on the floor.

This week’s project will be to finish painting the molding white, and then I can start moving supplies and furniture.

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New Studio: Part 1

Outside of the new studio

After several years of wishing and searching, I have signed a lease on a small commercial space for a studio.  This is the first installment describing the progress of the move.

Since I started drawing and painting in the mid-90s, my art habit has outgrown a spare bedroom, and now the garage.  Currently I have a good inventory of paintings, and I intend to increase my production even more as I search for gallery representation.  I also want space for some small classes and special open studio events.  The space I have leased is in a commercial area near my home.  I considered looking for a studio in the Congaree Vista for the camaraderie of other artists and exposure to art events.  But, as usual in real estate, location won out, and I decided to stay close to home to minimize travel time.

Interior with brown walls and bad carpet

Looking out the front windo

Testing lighter color for walls

Here are the “before” photos.  The space is narrow and deep with a window at the front.  The front section has an odd configuration of partial walls that divide it into two spaces.  Behind that is a small room without windows that will be storage, and there’s a restroom in the back.  The dark brown wall color was depressing, so I’m in the process of painting the walls a lighter warm neutral color.  Pulling out the dirty gray industrial carpet revealed yellow carpet glue on the concrete floor.   I have found a man who says he can remove it with a soy-based remover called Bean-e-doo, but don’t yet know how well that will work.

On the business side of things, I have set up an LLC on the advice of my financial advisors, and am in the process of applying for all of the proper licenses.  As I do one step, I find that there are more steps beyond that.  So far my “Things to Do” list includes the following:

LLC filing
Electric service with SCE&G
Insurance for liability and contents (may need alarm system?)
Richland County Business license (including zoning approval and fire marshall inspection)
SC Sales tax license (including Personal Business property tax)
Bank Account
Credit card merchant account
Signs for building
Phone and internet service?

Not all of these are complete yet, and they all take twice as much time and money as anticipated, but I’m learning a lot!

Besides that, I’ve updated my website, made a Facebook page, started a blog, and made an introductory video.

Whew!  It has been a busy few weeks.  Stay tuned for updates, and post advice if you have any.

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