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Making Progress

In my last post, I was working on several things without finishing anything.  Since then, my husband and I took a few days for our annual warm weather vacation.  I was very relaxed on my poolside chair, but I did manage to look up and draw the palms overhead to make a journal page. 

After returning home, I received my hardware for the “Podium”, the January Bag of the Month. In the past, I’ve made unstructured tote bags, but this was the first pattern I’ve made with lots of interfacing structure and hardware.  The pattern was somewhat complicated, but the instructions were thorough and had good pictures.  After making the components and stitching the exterior to the lining wrong side out, one of the last steps was to reach through the zipper pocket and turn the whole thing right side out.  I had my doubts, but it worked!  Here is the finished bag.  

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Fort McAllister

Fort McAllister Journal ©2017 Lucinda Howe

Fort McAllister Journal
©2017 Lucinda Howe

On a recent trip to Fort McAllister State Park in Georgia with a group of artists, I had been under the weather for a few days and didn’t feel like lugging a heavy easel and canvases.  I packed  my travel kit and a small accordion-fold journal.  Combining lettering, drawing, and watercolor painting, I captured the feel of the marsh and some botanical details.  This turned out to be a very satisfactory way to remember the trip and add to my visual vocabulary for future paintings. 

Fort McAllister #1 ©2017 Lucinda Howe

Fort McAllister #1
©2017 Lucinda Howe

Fort McAllister #2 ©2017 Lucinda Howe

Fort McAllister #2
©2017 Lucinda Howe

Fort McAllister #3 ©2017 Lucinda Howe

Fort McAllister #3
©2017 Lucinda Howe

Fort McAllister #4 ©2017 Lucinda Howe

Fort McAllister #4
©2017 Lucinda Howe

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Getting Acquainted with Gordes

Gordes, Journal

Gordes, travel journal watercolor by Lucinda Howe

Gordes is a small hill town in the Provence area of France.  The day our group visited, we were there for a short time, and I had time for only two small drawings in my travel journal.   Later, I added watercolor to remind me of my impressions of color, emphasizing the sand colored houses with terra cotta tile roofs surrounded by a variety of greens on the hillside and some purple in the shadows.

Gordes, photo

Gordes, photo by Lucinda Howe

This week in my studio, I made a small pastel painting based on the journal and photo.  The photo allows me to correct perspective and shapes, and the journal drawing adds color harmony that is not evident in the photo.  Doing a small pastel piece allows me the opportunity to become better acquainted with the unfamiliar landscape and to work out composition problems in preparation for a larger painting in the future.



Gordes, pastel

Gordes, pastel, 8x10", Lucinda Howe





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