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1.  To own something unique. Original art is a one-of-a-kind creation.  You have something that no one else has.  Art that is made with high quality materials and techniques will remain a beautiful treasure for a lifetime.

Last Dance, 11×14″, Acrylic, by Lucinda Howe

Mass-produced reproductions may seem like a good deal at first, but they can’t copy the texture of the original and the colors may fade. Living with a piece of original art instead of a print is like living with your pet rather than a photo of your pet.  If you prefer granite counters and wood floors to laminate or vinyl,  you may also appreciate the authenticity of original art.

2.  To express yourself.  Art is a way to express your personal style and taste in your home or office.

Don’t hesitate to display art wherever you will see it often.  Hang a small piece at seated eye-level in a cozy reading nook, or display it on your bedside table.  Mix with other art in a group to create a combination with personal meaning.  If you are redecorating a room or moving into a new home, you can use a favorite piece of art as a starting point to develop your decor.

3.  To support your local economy. Buying art is a personal choice and is risky as an investment, just like the stock market.  There is no guarantee that the art will increase in value.  However, you are investing in the artist’s career.  If you find an artist that you like and buy several pieces over time, you help support the longevity of the artist’s career and the value of your pieces.

Much of the money that you spend with an artist is returned to the local economy as studio rent, art supplies,  and other goods and services.

A vibrant arts community makes your community more attractive to visitors and businesses with educated work forces.

4.  To build your legacy. Many art collectors begin buying art that speaks to them personally or to support their friends.  Over the years, some of these collections have been donated to museums and have become priceless records of the culture and time in which the collectors lived.  You may not have this goal in mind when you start collecting, but once your collection starts to grow, you will be glad that you invested in quality.

5.  To experience magic. Whether you call it good vibrations or karma, the passion of the artist resides in the art.

Because our society is focused on verbal communication, it is necessary for artists to talk about their work in blogs and artist statements and to tell stories to connect with viewers.  But artists secretly hope that you will recognize the ember of meaning that goes deeper than words and speaks directly from one soul to another.  That connection is the joy of sharing art.

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  1. Pamela Beer April 11, 2014 at 3:49 pm #


    I whole heartedly agree with your post. I especially appreciate #3. It is time we get people interested in buying original art rather than cheap reproductions from the local bed and bath franchise:-)

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