Cabrières d’Avignon

Cabrières d'Avignon

Cabrières d'Avignon, travel journal by Lucinda Howe

The trip to France was wonderful.   Here is a page from my journal with “snapshots” from around the quaint old town of Cabrières d’Avignon.

One morning I started out early and made quick drawings with color notes of the chateau in the old town and a nearby vineyard, approximately 15 minutes each.  I added some darks with a black Stabilo watercolor pencil that I found in an art supply store in Arles the day before.  Be mid morning, I came back to the house, sat in the shade in the courtyard, and added watercolor to the drawing, and  also did a larger painting of the courtyard.  Whether or not these small drawings ever become larger paintings, this was the moment in which I absorbed the most information about the town.


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