The Cicada Emerges

Painted Cicada

Cicada created with molding paste, crackle paste, and acrylic glazes, 5x5" by Lucinda Howe

Last week I showed how to create a stencil and to apply molding paste to make a raised image of a cicada, the good luck symbol of Provence.

Here are the steps to complete the process:

Add a purple glaze over the dry molding paste.

After the glaze dries, apply a generous layer of crackle medium with a palette knife.   Remove most of the paste over the main image with a damp cloth.

After the crackle paste dries, add more glazes of gold and brown to bring out the details.

Finish with a layer of matte medium to be sure the crackle paste doesn’t flake off and a final layer of acrylic varnish.

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