Marsh Sunset


Marsh Suns 24x36"" Oil on gallery wrap canvas ©2014 Lucinda Howe

Marsh Sunset
Oil on gallery wrap canvas
©2014 Lucinda Howe

Isn’t it amazing how we find inspiration from disparate places?

This painting was based on a twilight photograph from one on my low country trips.  Aside from a faint pink in the sky, there was very little color.   The tree and grasses were just dark silhouettes.  I thought it could be used for a painting, but I needed a color scheme.

The woman in front of me in church yesterday had on a beautiful jacket with horizontal stripes of red, pink, peach, and light yellow with touches of greenish taupe and lavender.  I was so fascinated, I hardly heard the sermon, and couldn’t wait to get home and start the painting.   In the process of completing the painting, I added a bit more green and blue, but the warm colors created the sunset glow I was seeking.

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