Path Under the Bridge

Path Under the Bridge 24x24" Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas ©2016 Lucinda Howe $1,100

Path Under the Bridge
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
©2016 Lucinda Howe

As I continue my series of paintings of the Gervais Street Bridge, I want to look at the bridge from different angles. This view is from the Riverwalk near the amphitheater on the West Columbia side. As the path curves around under the bridge support, it leads the eye to the river and creates uncertainty about what is around the bend. The tree foliage partially obscures the architecture of the bridge, adding to the sense that the bridge is part of the landscape rather than separate from it.

I also continue to explore the exaggerated colors and broken brush strokes of Fauvism to add visual texture and move away from the muted colors of the natural landscape.

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