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You Be the Judge!

Water Lily Series 30x40" Oil on gallery wrap canvas ©2015 Lucinda Howe $2,400

Water Lily Series I
Oil on gallery wrap canvas
©2015 Lucinda Howe
On Display at the South Carolina State Fair, October 14-25, 2015 
Professional Division, Painting on Canvas Section (all the way in the back of the Cantey Building)

The Fine Art Exhibit at the South Carolina State Fair is a huge event.  The Fair opens Thursday, October 14, 2015 and the art is in the Cantey Building.

I went to the awards reception Sunday evening.  I was happy to have two paintings accepted in the Professional Division, Painting on Canvas section.  I extend my congratulations to the artists who won awards.  Here is the list of winners http://i.saffireevent.com/files.ashx?t=fg&f=2015_Fine_Art_Program.pdf&rid=SCStateFair

The wonderful thing about this exhibit is that it features work from some of the best artists in the state and awards over $20,000 in prizes.

But this exhibit is overwhelming!  The recent renovations to the Cantey Building look good and there is more room for the art.  However, I was only able to take in a small percentage of the art on display before I experienced sensory overload.  If you are going to the fair, I urge you to walk through the Cantey Building to see the art.  I’d like to make some suggestion to enhance your enjoyment  and prevent overload.

1.  It’s OK if you don’t see it all!  The art is there for your enjoyment.  It’s better to appreciate a few pieces than to see everything and remember nothing.

2.  Pick a category that interests you — photography, painting, sculpture — and spend some time in that section choosing a favorite piece.  Ask yourself why you like it.  Do you agree with the judge’s assessment (whether he awarded a prize)?  Who is the artist?

3.  Get to know the artist.  When you get home, Google the artist’s name and look for a website, Facebook page or blog.  Most artists have some online presence that will allow you to find out more about their work.

4.  Know that your interest is important to the artist.  You can show your support by buying the work, being a fan of the artist, and sharing with your friends.  Remember that ultimately you are the judge!



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Water, water, everywhere!

Water Lily Series III 48x36" Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas ©2015 Lucinda Howe $3,500

Water Lily Series III
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
©2015 Lucinda Howe


Wowie, zowie!  This has been a crazy week.  Here in South Carolina we’ve been inundated with record amounts of rain (13.5 inches at my house) resulting in flash floods, washed out roads, power and water outages and other miseries.  It’s going to be a long slow process of emergency response, detours, clean up, and infrastructure rebuilding.  I feel blessed to be in a suburb of Columbia that’s on higher ground.  Having my studio at the back of the house allows me to work at home.   We still have water and power, but many of our friends have not been so fortunate.

My featured painting this week is my second entry for the SC State Fair, one of my waterlily series.  I hesitated to post it because it seems like we have had way too much water this week.  However,  I’m assuming the show will go on at the fair, and I hope our waters will soon return to the calm of a lily pond.  Please join me in sending good thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by the storm.

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SC State Fair

Les Toits de Roussillon
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
©2012 Lucinda Howe


The weather is cool!   The fair is here!  Don’t you love this time of year?

The painting above was inspired by the angular roofs and warm ochres of the town of Roussillon in the Provence region of France. It is one of two large pieces on display in the Professional Division at the fair.

The Fine Arts Exhibit at the South Carolina State Fair is one of the largest collections of wonderful art in the southeast.  The fair runs October 10-21, 2012.  Check out the art in the Cantey Building.  If you are short on time, take advantage of the  Weekday Lunch deal to grab lunch and take a quick look at the art.


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What Is A Gallery Wrap Canvas?


Regular Canvas

Regular stretched canvas stapled on the side

Have you seen a description of a painting on a gallery wrap canvas and wondered how that was different from a regular canvas?

A normal stretched canvas is stapled on the sides and needs to be framed for a finished look.








Gallery wrap canvas

Gallery wrap canvas with no staples on edges

When the stretchers are deeper and the canvas is wrapped around to the back and stapled out of sight, it is called a gallery wrap canvas.  The edges of the image may be extended around the sides or the sides may be painted a solid color.  This type of canvas does not need to be framed and produces a more contemporary look than a framed piece.





Do you like the contemporary look of a gallery wrap canvas, or do you prefer your art in a frame?  Post your comments below.


SC State Fair, October 12-23

The South Carolina State Fair opens this Wednesday, October 12.  I have a painting of the Gervais Street Bridge in the special 225th Anniversary of Columbia exhibit and two more paintings of the bridge in the Professional Division, Painting on Canvas section.  Please visit the Fine Art exhibit in the Cantey Building and let me know what you think of the art.

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Are You a Purchase Patron?


Under the Bridge, 24x24", Acrylic on masonite, by Lucinda Howe

This week I submitted three paintings to the Fine Arts Exhibit at the South Carolina State Fair.  The painting above, “Under the Bridge” is in the CITY OF COLUMBIA – 225th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION special section

Of course, I’d love to win a prize, but the biggest thrill for me is to have my work purchased and go home with someone who will love it.  That’s why I really appreciate the purchase patrons.

A purchase patron is someone who commits to purchase a specific dollar amount of art in an upcoming exhibit.  The patrons get first choice before the exhibit opens to the public and assign ribbons showing that the works have been purchased.  In the case of the SC State Fair, artists are encouraged to offer a lower price to the patrons.

Having this money promised in advance (in addition to prize money) encourages artists to participate and results in a wide variety of quality art.  The artists benefit from sales and the patrons benefit by being able to build a collection at good prices.

If you are a purchase patron at the SC State Fair or at your local art exhibit, thank you for your participation.   If you haven’t tried this method of adding to your art collection, give it a try the next time you have an opportunity. As you visit your local shows, be aware of the purchase awards and think about whether you would have made the same choices.  If so, consider signing up to become a purchase patron next year.

The SC State Fair is October 12-25.  Look for the Fine Arts exhibit in the Cantey Building.


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